About Application Insight

Mark Ledebuhr
To create value by increasing the efficiency, efficacy, and durability of your spraying applications. To create and disseminate common sense, actionable solutions to difficult application conditions.
B.S. Degree in Biology, Michigan State University, Co-founder, Ledebuhr Industries, the developer and manufacturer of Proptectm rotary atomizers and Accu-staltictm multiple channel metering pumps.  
  • 20 years of fluid metering and spray applications design.
  • Experience working with Universities, Local, State, and Federal Government, private corporations, agriculturists large and small.
Areas of Expertise:
  • orchard, vineyard, and vegetable pesticide application techniques utilizing air assisted atomizers
  • rotary atomizers, dual-fluid (air atomizing) nozzles, air-shear type applications, hydraulic nozzles
  • Horizontal boom spraying (grains and vegetables)
  • drift mitigation
  • interior fumigation, odor control, and evaporative cooling system design and implementation
  • exterior dust and odor control system design
  • wastewater evaporation system design
  • spray drift minimization and optimization
For larger projects, Application Insight works among a network of other independent consultants, university research stations, government laboratories, and private machine shops to pull together the neccesary resources to succeed quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.
Application Insight will be happy to provide you references upon request.