Rates and Fees

Scope of Services, Application Insight, LLC 2012



Application Insight is focused on providing practical, cost-effective, and highly productive solutions to our client’s problems.


Application Insight will make every attempt to solve your problem first by applying an off-the-shelf solution. Many problems are solved with a few minutes of telephone consultation. We are not in the business of re-inventing the wheel! When the situation requires, we offer consulting and or contract Research and Development services as follows:


Ala Carte Consulting:

Services can be purchased per- hour, on a first- come, first served basis. This is often the preferred mode for simple question and answers, smaller scale equipment evaluations, on- site visits or trainings, meeting to determine broader project objectives, et cetera.


On ALL PROJECTS that require more than 1 hour of time the following will be defined before commencement of services: Objectives, Scope, and budget. On projects requiring more than ½ day of billable time, this will be provided and agreed to in writing before commencement.


Research and Development is an inexact science, and so it may become necessary to go beyond expenses projected in the originally agreed upon budget. In that case, The Client will be advised as soon as these costs are reasonably known. If Client decides not to continue, client will still be responsible for all costs incurred up to the point of cancellation. 


            Please Contact for hourly rates. Our services are available as follows:

Telephone consultation, al a carte: billable in 1/10 hour segments, minimum billable 2 segments. You will be notified verbally before the clock starts in a billable conversation.


Preliminary discussions on pending projects will not be considered billable.


On-site consulting: Normal per hour rate, maximum billed consulting time 8 hours per day, regardless of time worked.


Travel time is billed at 1/2 rate, mileage and expenses passed through. All travel hours billable 


Consumables, subcontracted services, and other expense will be passed through at net cost.



Larger Projects:

For projects requiring extensive travel and more than a few days’ time, fees will be negotiated in advance. Please call to discuss.


Payment terms:

You may provide a Credit Card upon approval of work. Work will be billed weekly as completed or as negotiated. Net Due terms will be extended with credit approval.



In certain time-sensitive projects, you may want to consider retaining services. Entering into a retainer agreement with Application Insight gives you the right to “bump” to the head of the line, as needed, for a period of 30 days from the beginning of the contract. 2 days (16 hours) of time are included per month as part of the retainer. This can be used as telephone consultation, evaluations, or it could be on-site work- no activity is restricted. Further time and travel is billed as described in the ala carte section above.


While on Retainer, you will always receive first priority for consulting needs. This is defined more clearly as follows:


  • Telephone and email consultations will be returned as soon as possible. While our general practice is for all calls to be followed up immediately (within the hour), that is not always possible. You will absolutely receive a response within no more than 10 business hours.
  • If travel or extended time is required, an Application Insight employee will make themselves available within 1 week, for periods of up to 3 days at a time. Consultations of more than 3 contiguous days should be considered as research and development projects, and are outside the scope of the retainer agreement.  If a time investment of this magnitude is identified as necessary, AI will offer to quote it as a stand-alone development project, as defined below.
  • Retainers do not apply to custom-manufactured items. If you need a specific item manufactured, Application Insight will quote an anticipated delivery time. If it is needed more quickly, a separate rush fee will be calculated and quoted.
  • Retainer contracts are offered in 1-month periods, and may be contracted month- to month as needed or in multiple month blocks.
  • Retainers are due in full at the beginning of the contracted time period.
  • If a retainer is cancelled mid- contract, the remaining value will be pro-rated and credited to your account as of the day of cancellation.

            Retainer agreement, per month:     Please call to discuss retainers


Research and Development Projects:

Through its vendor network, Application Insight is able to offer complete design and build capabilities, in situations where equipment does not exist in the market already that will satisfy your needs.


With development projects it is important to remember that NOTHING CAN SUBSTITUTE FOR TIME! Short deadlines dramatically increase costs and limit the ultimate quality and utility of the finished product. We want to build you the highest quality, most utilitarian, most cost- effective solution to your application objectives. We strongly recommend that you plan to allow 2-4 months for small projects, and 5-18  months for any major design project.


When exploring a project, Application Insight will meet with you to determine the project objectives, environmental and operating parameters, budget, timelines, and deliverables. We will attempt to quote a project maximum budget, based on the expressed objectives, timelines, and parameters. At our discretion, we may break your idea into several smaller projects. Planning meetings will incur no cost if held In the Mid-Michigan Area. If held in other locations requiring a significant travel investment, time and travel will be billed.


Changes by you in any of the defined parameters may incur additional costs. Regular meetings will be had to evaluate progress- a schedule for these meetings will be defined in the original proposal. Changes in costs or expected outcomes will be expressed with as much advance notice as possible, for your approval. Should you decide to terminate a project before its completion, you will be liable for all costs incurred up to the point of termination. This will be detailed in your project quotation.


Other Considerations

Intellectual Property: You have right to use whatever is developed and produced on your behalf by Application Insight, for your own use, in any way you see fit, in perpetuity. If patentable or other potentially proprietary property results from the work, Application Insight retains co-inventor rights and will be named as such on any resulting patent applications, trademarks, or other licensing agreements that may result. Application Insight employees reserve the right to be named as co-authors on any publications resulting from the work, and reserve the right to publish said work if the customer chooses not to, unless specifically negotiated otherwise in the original work agreement. Information of a proprietary nature to you will be held in confidence, so long as it is disclosed to us that it is in fact proprietary. Complete details will be included in your proposal.