Project Examples

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Current/Recent Projects:

  • Solid Set Canopy Deposition System. Collaborative project between Michigan State University and Washington State University. Application Insight contributing hardware development, spray drift analysis.

  • AGDISP spray model improvements- quantification of canopy characteristics for orchard and vineyard sprays. Current, USDA-Forest Service Cooperative agreement.

  • Quantification of Hedgerow Effects for Mitigation of Spray Drift: University of Queensland, Queensland, Australia, February 2017. 

  • Orchard Sprayer Field Day, Sparta, Michigan. Sponsored by Wilbur-Ellis at Pat Goodfellow Farm. Twilight backlighted spray demo, fluorescing dye evaluation with 6 different sprayers.
  • Pesticide Application and Drift Modeling Workshop, Lincoln University, Christchurch, New Zealand. Vineyard application technology demonstration, presented the paper: A Proposed National Agricultural Spray Technology Application Center (NASTAC) in the USA. Co-authored with David Valcore.


other Selected Projects:
  • Orchard and Vineyard Best Management Practices Standard; American Society of Argicultural and Biological Engineers PM23-6 committee. Leading the effort to draft a national Best Practices document; will eventually become US ASABE standard and will be submitted to ISO.
  • Improving Pesticide Application in Peppers and Tomatoes: Collaborative project between Lincoln University in Christchurch New Zealand, The USDA Aerial Application Research Group in College Station Texas, several machinery manufacturers and Application Insight. October, 2011. Eight different application methods were compared for effectiveness of upper and lower leaf coverage throughout two different canopies, including nozzles, electrostatic, and air assisted technologies.
    setting up canopy spray samplers
  • New Analytical Methods Development: development of a new analytical method using X-ray Fluorimetry to quickly and non-destructively measure pesticide deposition on sprayed Crops. This is a critical puzzle piece in the bigger picture of analysing sprayer/canopy interactiosn with the intention of being able to index and standardize sprayer performance. Work being done in conjunction with Thermo Fisher Corporation; Lincoln University, New Zealand;  and the USDA Aerial Applications Research Group in College Station, TX.
Portable XRF analyser in the field

  • Increasing the Effectiveness of Phragmites Eradication with Improved Technology. Cooperative Research Agreement to improve the effectiveness of invasive species eradication efforts via improved application technology. Collaboration with the US Forest Service, Michigan Natural Features Inventory, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Valcore Consulting, and lead by Application Insight. 
Phragmites invading into wet woodland edge

RTV Mobile phrag spraying at Ottawa national refuge

Mark Ledebuhr,
Dec 19, 2011, 6:16 PM