Consultant Support

Are you a horticultural consultant or extension agent, and have clients asking you specific sprayer technology questions? AI gladly works in conjuction with or through you to assist serving your clients and increasing the value of your service.
Crop Scouts- Is a client of yours struggling to control a persistent pest? Even though you are spot-on with timing and you've chosen effective chemistry, when that falls short, it's time to take a serious look at technology. If your customer is large enough to hire you, it may not be unreasonable to conceive that a technology investment may be a high enough return to not only solve the problem, but pay for itself outright within in a season or two. Talk to us to arrange an Equipment Suitability Audit for your client.
Newsletter Articles: Need 800 words and a good picture or two to add some variety to your newsletter? Talk to A.I. for current and insightful newsletter articles.
Field Days: Want to have a technology presentation as part of your grower appreciation day?  Backlighted Sprayer Demos and Fluorescing Dye Shows will keep your growers talking and thinking about better application for a long time! See Education Services for more details.