Fluorescing Dye Sprayer Evaluations

Add a Flourescing Tracer Dye Demo to your summer meeting- your growers will talk about it for years.  

Fluorescing Dye Spray Demonstration

  1. Absolutely tells if the canopy is being covered adequately: no dye equals no coverage, and visa versa.
  2. Flexible application times: Sprayed samples can be brought inside to a darkroom for daytime spray demos, or samples can be viewed at a later date
How it works:  
Dye demos use your or your grower's sprayers, your trees, and NSF-grade nontoxic fluorescing dye/blacklights that AI provides. The crop is sprayed, and either a) samples are taken to a darkroom for observation, or b) the observation occurs at night in the actual field with black lights (preferred). Even the droplets too small to see with the naked eye can be seen, as they glow under ultraviolet lights. This is a very powerful demonstration tool!
When combined with backlighted night sprayer demos, growers actually observe sprayer/canopy /air interactions, canopy penetration, and potential drift risk. Again, even the finest droplets are seen as they catch and diffract light, then again when you look up close with the Black lights and field lenses.
These can be done individually or together depending on your needs.