Equipment Suitability Audits

Orchard and Vineyard Sprayer Technology Suitability Audits
In this day and age where an orchard or vineyard sprayer may apply several times its own purchase value in crop protection materials each year, and a 5 to 10% increase in packable produce can make the difference between a bad year and a great one, purchasing the right machinery for your conditions can earn you thousands of dollars per year. The sprayer you choose is one of the most important financial decisions you can make!
When it's time to invest in new sprayers, wouldn't it be great to know that when you
orchard sprayer cost per acre chart
bought a piece of spray equipment, it really was the best choice you could make? Since many orchard and vineyard sprayer manufacturers no longer have extensive dealer networks, how are you as a grower to know if you've really made the best machinery choice for you?
AI does not represent sprayer manufacturers, we represent you and your best financial interest. AI is familiar with virtually all available orchard, vineyard, and vegetable spraying machine technology available. A technology suitability audit will assess the following and more:
  • your operational capabilities
  • production needs
  • operator skill levels
  • current production costs
  • cropping strategies and site conditions
  • your own objectives for your pesticide application operations
No longer do you have to rely on what the nearest tractor dealer offers to limit your machinery choices- choose with confidence based on sound science and your unique conditions.

AI will evaluate and consider all these as they relate to your operation, and offer you the equipment options that will best suit your conditions. Usually this will cost less than a few of tanks of spray.

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