Sometimes the root of a machine problem is not obvious or intiutive, and you need help. Get up and going fast- Application Insight offers two types of support:
  • Telephone Support: often the easiest and most economical option, A.I. can support you with comprehensive knowledge of most
    shavings from aluminum pump damaged settled in this valve. onsite service was required to diagnose and repair.
    mechanical, fluid, and hydraulics equipment used in the horticultural crop protection industry. Many problems can be diagnosed with a phone interview, where you do the actual verification on site, saving you time and money. Telephone support is billed in 1/10 hour increments, and a valid credit card is required.


  • Onsite Support: Sometimes problems are complicated or intermittent and require onsite support. A.I. has the equipment and know-how to do on-site system diagnosis of mechanical, electrical, electro-hydraulic, and fluid delivery systems diagnosis. For more information, see our Rates and Fees Page. Time is available on a first come, first served basis.
At right: aluminum shavings from premature pump damage moved through the hydraulic system and were caught inside this valve, creating irregular valve action. This was diagnosed and corrected successfully on-site.