Research Reporting

Meeting Reports

Can't attend a meeting or conference but need to now what happened? Careful, detailed intelligence reports focused on your interests. Free up your calendar without missing important events.

Literature Search

Academic-quality literature searches. Know the state of the science before you start.

Technology Review

Have a technology need? Similar to a literature review, a technology review is a custom intelligence report giving you a comprehensive review of the current state of the art. We can help you dial in your resources and make informed decisions. This is usually the first step before a more in-depth research and development project, as no-one, including us, likes to re-invent the wheel.

Suitability Audits:

A deeper dive into a technology review including interview of your team, full analysis of your operation, and identification of present and future needs. These factors are used to evaluate the suitability of various spray equipment and technologies to your needs. Spraying is one of the most expensive and critical operations on your operation. Buy the right spray technology and support equipment for your needs with confidence.