UAS (Drone) Delivery Systems

Custom drone spray delivery systems and drone material delivery systems

For drone platforms. If the drone application system exists, we can help modify it to work on your drone. If it doesn't, put our biological and engineering experience to work for you for a custom solution. A few examples:

  • insect and fish delivery
  • pheromone: flake, splat, or encapsulated
  • attract and kill formulations
  • vector sprays, adulticide and larvacide
  • lubricants and other thick non-Newtonian fluids
  • spray verification and data logging systems

The right solution to your application problem

We don't supply or represent any drone manufacturers. When you need a specific application system and you can't find one that suits your needs, that's where we come in. We can adapt existing equipment to your ship, instrument what you have for better traceability, or design & build a complete system to your specific need.

Field testing and validation

Even if you have a new, ready-to go drone with a fully equipped system, validating that your new drone is actually going to spray the way you think it is, is less straightforward. We can help you and your team learn and implement robust evaluation methods that will help you make applications with confidence. Specialists in non-Newtonian "thick and chunky" fluid delivery systems that are so common in ultra-low volume sprays, we can help you deliver whatever you need, wherever you need it. If we do design a system for you, we can manufacture it for you in quantity, too.