Wind Tunnel in a Box

Portable wind tunnel fully assembled
Portable wind tunnel packed for transport
Portable wind tunnel easily shows differences in drift between different field conditions

Wind Tunnel in a Box (WTIAB)

Portable, high quality wind tunnel for high-impact spray drift training and other small wind tunnel needs.

Tactile, interactive, real-scale demonstration of spray nozzles in up to 19 MPH wind simulates the actual field conditions a spray application may occur in. Empower your audience with the “why” behind the label recommendations for nozzle, boom height, wind and travel speed.

Powerful, high impact demonstrations: Demonstrates the following effects on spray drift potential:

  • Windspeed: 0-19 MPH
  • Boom height: to 40”
  • Nozzle type: 5 position turret.
  • Pressure: 0-100 PSI, open flow to 1.4 GPM

Operational Modes:

  • continuous mode: sprays continuously
  • timed mode: Programmable spray cycle time (preset at 5 seconds) makes accurate water-sensing paper comparisons.

Easy setup:

  • 20 minutes single person setup and takedown
  • Fits into any pickup or large SUV:
    • 2, 28”x 51”x14” rolling cases,
    • 1 rolling powerpack 23”x23”x16”
    • 1 toolbox, 28”x 11”x11”
Wind Tunnel Project 18 minute 720p.mp4