Spray Drift Studies

orchard spray drift study MSU Clarksville research station
phragmites control study spray drift evaluation

Specialists in difficult-to-study drift situations

such as wildland, orchard and vineyard sites, hedgerow studies, as well as more traditional grains sites. We provide in-situ drift studies to quantify near and downfield drift and vertical flux profile (the amount of spray in the air moving past a point).

Studies conform to ISO 22866 and ASABE S561, the two global standards for drift studies, or can be adapted to your specific data needs. Our principal consultant continues to serve on the ASABE and ISO committees that maintain these standards for over a decade.

We can provide you a complete study or work to augment your existing team with hardware, personnel, and expertise.

In-house flourometry with detection levels to .1 part per billion.

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full-scale spray drift study
Drift Study comparing spray tech in Mildura Australia