Adulticide Delivery System

This technology is being developed as a limited-opportunity crowdfund that is open NOW. Details below.

Why a drone-focused adulticide applicator?

There is a need for a technically excellent drone-mounted spray applicator capable of very-fine to fog-sized droplets for applying mosquito and other vector adulticides. We have a patent-pending design that is capable of creating the correct droplet spectra using compressed gas and a twin-fluid atomizer. This design has many advantages over other approaches. We are offering a limited opportunity to participate in a crowdfund to assist in its development and commercialization. Participation offers significant benefits as you can see below.

Adulticide Delivery System features:

  • Under 10 kg loaded weight. Compatible with 25kg class drones

  • Conserves precious batteries: uses cheap, easily rechargeable compressed gas and twin fluid atomization

  • Allows for precise and targeted coverage in formerly inaccessible and human-use areas

  • Can be controlled independently or by the drone

About the Crowdfund:

The complete prospectus can be downloaded HERE

The commitment form can be downloaded HERE. Your financial commitment is not accepted until we have received a signed form from you and returned it to you, signed.

The crowdfund is being hosted by us, and the funding period is OPEN.

How to participate

Read the prospectus carefully and fill out the commitment form. Questions? Want to know more? Call us at (877) 410-2369 or email We are look forward to sharing more with you!

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