Cornelius Keg Agitator


Cornelius Keg Agitator

Keg Agitators, or Kegnado fit inside any Cornelius keg and allow continuous agitation of the contents under full rated keg pressure.

Originally developed for CO2 sprayers where the spray cocktail may be subject to separation. No more guessing and unknown variation with powders, suspension, emulsions, and other difficult mixes, now you can assure the first drop of spray is exactly the same as the last.

However, response from the beverage industry has been so strong, we reimagined this product to fit that industry.

Check out our dedicated Kegnado website for more information on how this Cornelius Keg Agitator can help mix ingredients for beverages, and allow you to expand to offerings such as cocktails on tap! It will still do your lab kegs too.