Cornelius Keg Agitator

Cornelius Keg AgitatorCornelius Keg AgitatorCornelius Keg Agitator

Cornelius Keg Agitator

Keg Agitators, or Keg Stirrers, fit inside any Cornelius keg and allow continuous agitation of the contents under full rated keg pressure.

Perfect for CO2 sprayers doing research plot work where the spray cocktail may be subject to separation between mixing and application. No more guessing and unknown variation with powders, suspension, emusions, and other difficult mixes, now you can assure the first drop of spray is exactly the same as the last.

Easy to use (instructions): insert special lid, screw in the agitator, and plug in the motor to the 12V powersource. That's it. tool-free install and removal.

Stainless and teflon construction for no contamination and long life.

12VDC operation allows onsite stirring in the field right up to the moment of application.

Customizable agitator length and paddle styles for 1 to 15 gallon cornelius style kegs.

This is currently a built-to-order product. Contact us for more information and pricing!