Unmanned Aerial Delivery Systems (Drone Sprays)

Explore our range of research & development and field services focused on UAV/ Drone Spray & materials delivery systems.

We offer a range of services to help you validate and characterize the spray pattern, deposition, and drift of your drone. Services are wide ranging from short-term consultation, to visual methods, to full-blown publication grade research. We can help you gain deep insight and teach new and innovative ways to tell your story.

Customized delivery systems are quoted per application. Call or contact us for more information.

Chemical delivery system development and optimization

We design pesticide delivery systems. If the drone application system exists, we can help modify it to work on your drone. If it doesn't, put our biological and engineering experience to work for you for a custom solution.

A few examples:

  • Optimization of swath and droplet size

  • Pheromone: flake, SPLAT© , or encapsulated

  • Attract and kill formulations

  • Vector sprays, adulticide and larvacide

  • Application of odd materials: thick, chunky, sticky

  • Flowable solid or irregular solids delivery

  • Lubricants and other thick non-Newtonian fluids

  • Living organisms, insect and fish delivery

  • Vapors and mists

SPLAT is a registered trademark of ISCA.

Check out the page of our currently open crowdfund for the research and development of an applicator utilizing compressed gas and twin-atomization.