Sprayer Optimization

Don't just calibrate your sprayer, OPTIMIZE it!

Airblast orchard sprayer calibration

For orchard, vineyard, vegetable and field sprayers, Application Insight will come to your farm to inspect, operate and calibrate your sprayer. Upon completion, we will take your sprayer to the field with you and apply fluorescing dye or spray water sensing paper. With ultraviolet lights that we provide, you will be able to see your sprayers actual performance and coverage- no more guessing! From there, the sprayer can be adjusted and optimized for the "perfect" cover.

You will receive a written report of findings and recommendations. We will discuss with you in person deficiencies we find or potential machinery upgrades that you may benefit from. As Application Insight does not sell equipment, you can trust that your best interest, is our only interest in the advice that we offer.

This can be incorporated into a training activity for your employees as well; there is no limit in the number of employees that may participate. Well-trained employees with properly calibrated sprayers can save you many times the cost of this service a year.

Please call to discuss your machinery and situation; we will prepare a personalized quote to your unique situation.