Access these innovative agricultural spray sampling and demonstration devices ala carte as a standalone purchase or part of a complete research project. All products are made to order, therefore we can customize to your particular needs.

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Adulticide delivery system specifically designed for use with drones.

Cornelius Keg Agitator

This product can fit inside any Cornelius keg and allow continuous agitation of the contents under full rated keg pressure.

patent #10,159,184 Vegetation cut and application method and apparatus

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New Zealand Drift Study

High quality, field-tested sampling equipment and supplies to conduct your own field research. Click above to explore the range of sampling supplies we offer for drift and deposition studies.

Sprayer in a Box

A single turret spray nozzle demonstrator that goes anywhere and sets up in just a few minutes (with or without wind). Stay tuned!

Wind Tunnel in a Box

2020 AE50 New Product Award Winner! A portable, high quality wind tunnel for high-impact spray drift training and other small wind tunnel needs.