Field Days

Your growers will talk about for years!

Sprayer Rodeo

Need something fresh and new for your field day?

Application Insight can provide what you need for a successful event that draws growers. The photo above shows "Sprayer Rodeo" organized by AI for a local chemical distributor. Daytime, night time back-lighted sprays, and night time fluorescing dye demos were all included.

We offer back-lit night spray and fluorescing tracer dye demonstrations. Both would make an engaging addition to your summer meetings that your growers will talk about it for years. Nothing puts the focus on better application like seeing every drop!

Click the video at right for a short demonstration.


  1. Allows growers to make better decisions regarding setup and operation of their sprayers

  2. Shows effect of adjuvants and drift reducing agents on a spray plume

  3. Allows growers to see a qualitative difference between various sprayer technologies

How it works:

  1. Your growers or local dealers, or both, bring their (cleaned) sprayers.

  2. Special lights are installed in the orchard or vineyard so that the spray can be seen.

  3. Each sprayer is demonstrated at twilight to show what it looks like in the day.

  4. If fluorescing dye demonstration is also chosen, apply the dye at this time in separate rows.

  5. After dark, the lights are turned on and the demonstration is re-ran. Growers are able to see off-target spray and air movement through tree much more comprehensively.

  6. If fluorescing dye demonstration also done, "black lights" will also be handed out at this time for growers to explore the orchard.