Who We Are

Application Insight is a consulting company dedicated to understanding and improving agricultural spray application hardware and systems. We specialize in solving previously unsolved problems for our clients and the greater crop protection industry. We believe all processes can be improved, our goal is to help our clients understand their processes, identify gaps, and innovate to achieve the safest, most efficient and effective applications, whatever the situation may be. Our team consists of experts in the field for over 26 years, with over 50 years of combined experience. We work across horticultural pesticide applications, orchard and vineyard, grains, wildlands and select industrial applications.

Areas of Expertise

  • Orchard, vineyard, and vegetable pesticide application techniques utilizing air assisted atomizers

  • Rotary atomizers, dual-fluid (air atomizing) nozzles, air-shear type applications, hydraulic nozzles

  • Horizontal boom spraying (grains and vegetables)

  • Spray drift minimization and optimization

  • Field studies: drift, horizontal flux, 2D and 3D spray deposition, quantitative and qualitative studies.

  • Interior fumigation, odor control, and evaporative cooling

  • Exterior dust and odor control

  • Wastewater evaporation


Application Insight works among a network of other independent consultants, university research stations, government laboratories, and private machine shops to pull together the necessary resources to succeed quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.