Patternator Testing

The highest resolution nozzle patternation in North America

Need to pattern your nozzles for industrial or agricultural use? Application Insight is here to help! Send us your nozzles, and we will do an analysis of them on our highly accurate patternator.

Depending on your needs, we can provide you with the analysis of the data we collect, the raw data from our tests, and further consulting services based on the results.

Why use our patternator?

Increased accuracy

Our patternator has 25mm channels, allowing us to have a twice the resolution of the common 50mm channel-width patternator. It was built according to and meets ISO 5682-1 standards for accuracy and performance when testing sprayer nozzles. The sampling area is 1.5 meters squared, for multiple nozzle arrays, large pattern nozzles, rotary atomizers, and other unusual patternation tasks.

Instrumented programming to track flow rates

Our patternator utilizes a proprietary collection and analysis system that delivers results in real-time. This system ensures enough data points are collected to provide accurate results of your nozzle's performance. R-squared results of 0.99 to 1 can be collected efficiently and repeatedly. Our system is more accurate than a visual patternator.

Knowledgeable experts

Our staff of spray experts have decades of experience in dealing with spray technology, and can provide the highest level of analysis, feedback, and recommendations.

Want your own patternator?

We can build you a custom patternator to suit your needs. From hardware configuration, to custom fluid rheology monitoring, with simple visual measurement or our proprietary digital measurement, we can build exactly what you need.

If you would like to speak to us about this service and get a quote for your needs, you can either:

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