Wind Tunnel in a Box™

Wind Tunnel in a Box™ (WTIAB)

Portable, high quality wind tunnel for high-impact spray drift training and other small wind tunnel needs.

Tactile, interactive, real-scale demonstration of spray nozzles in up to 15 MPH wind simulates the actual field conditions of a spray application. Empower your audience with the “why” behind the label recommendations for nozzle, boom height, wind and travel speed.

Powerful, high impact demonstrations

Demonstrates the following effects on spray drift potential:

Windspeed: 0-15 MPH

Boom height: to 40”

Nozzle type: 5 position turret.

Pressure: 0-100 PSI, open flow to 1.4 GPM

Operational Modes:

Continuous mode: sprays continuously

Timed mode: programmable spray cycle time (preset at 5 seconds) makes accurate water-sensing paper comparisons

Easy setup:

• Under 30 minutes single person setup and takedown

• Fits into any pickup or large SUV:

• 2, 28”x 51”x14” rolling cases,

• 1 rolling powerpack 23”x23”x16”

• 1 toolbox, 28”x 11”x11”

WTIAB spec sheet 20190815.pdf


Custom Wind Tunnel in a Box™ based training

A more economical way to get the advantages of training with the Wind Tunnel in a Box if you only need it once or twice a year, or are unsure if this would be right for your program.

Schedule a custom training program for your group(s) using the most interactive spray drift demonstration tool ever developed, the Wind Tunnel in a Box.

There's no risk. Decide you want your own? The cost of the training will be credited against the purchase price.